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50th anniversary

50 years of Faith and Sharing

In 1968, Jean Vanier announced the Word in a retreat at Marylake, which led to the creation of Faith and Sharing.

To celebrate these 50 years, the activities will be carried out according to the initiatives of current or former participants of Faith and Sharing.

Activities in preparation or in progress

Title Summary Details
Community Twinning Each community discovers another community Fichier PDF Twinning

Activities completed

Title Summary Details
Invitation Article published in the Heart-to-Heart bulletin of April 2017 Fichier PDF Article of the North American committe
Meeting in Brossard (Quebec) Former participants meet on
February 9
Fichier PDF Report and photo
Song "Lord Jesus, You Shall be my Song" Remember this song that Jean Vanier liked a lot Fichier PDF Detail of the song
The beginnings Talk about the beginnings of Faith and Sharing in your community/region Texts of the Heart-to-Heart bulletin of April 2018

Suggestions for activities

Here are some suggestions made by members of Faith and Sharing, which will be realized or not:

Title Summary Details
Written testimonials Written collection of testimonials from current and former members Click on:
Details "Testimonials"
Video testimonials Video collection of testimonials from current or former members Like written testimonies; on website and/or DVD
Visit Each local community participates in the regular activity of another community Initiative left to each community
Prayer together At a specific time, all members of all communities are invited to pray the same Word
Greeting card Send a greeting card to other French and English speaking communities North American coordinators can provide addresses
Prayer for F&S Praying for other Faith and Sharing Communities In local meetings, or each at home, put other communities and their members in our prayer intentions
Sharing news Know what other communities are experiencing Share news about what we live, by email, phone, letters,...

Please submit your suggestions, they will be added on this page.
Send your suggestions to :

Local communities or individuals can choose to achieve any of the suggestions.

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