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North American Retreat 2019

Retreat September 8-13, 2019


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The members of Faith and Sharing are invited to announce the retreat in their community. Here are some documents that can be used for this purpose.

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Brochure Fichier PDF Brochure.pdf Word File Brochure.docx
Press release Fichier PDF Press release.pdf Word File Press release.docx
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A Faith and Sharing Retreat is prepared and lived in prayer.
Here is a suggested activity to pray before and / or during the 2019 North American Retreat. You can choose from the suggested texts and songs.

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Guide for animation Fichier PDF Prayer-Guide.pdf Word File Prayer-Guide.docx

Text: Prayer to prepare for a Faith and Sharing Retreat Fichier PDF Prayer to prepare for a F&S Retreat.pdf Word File Prayer to prepare for a F&S Retreat.docx
Song book for the retreat (bilingual) Fichier PDF Song book retreat.pdf Word File Song book retreat.docx

Song: "Lord Jesus, You Shall be my Song" Fichier PDF Prayer-Song Lord Jesus, You Shall be my Song.pdf Word File Prayer-Song Lord Jesus, You Shall be my Song.docx

Song: "Kumbayah" Fichier PDF Prayer-Song Kumbayah.pdf Word File Prayer-Song Kumbayah.docx

Song: "Bind us together" Fichier PDF Prayer-Song Bind us together.pdf Word File Prayer-Song Bind us together.docx


Articles published in the Heart-to-Heart bulletin about the retreat:

April 2019 Isabelle Frappier Fichier PDF North-American Faith and Sharing retreat of September 2019
April 2019 Bill Clarke Fichier PDF Communities of Christian love


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Invitation to the retreat - December 23, 2018 Fichier PDF Invitation

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