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What will become of Faith and Sharing during the year 2013 - 2015 - 2020?

During this 50th anniversary of Vatican II and during this year of the faith and of a new evangelization, we suggest that your community take the time to pray and to listen to what Jesus is expecting of us for a renewal, for the future and the growth of Faith and Sharing.

Getting underway

Individually or with your community, take the time to pray before sharing.

Review the text from the Acts of the Apostles that promotes the steps that we suggest:

"In the early days of the Church,
they remained faithful
to the teaching of the apostles,
to the fellowship,
to the breaking of the bread
and to the prayers."

   Acts 2:42


Thank you for the life that you already gave us.
May our heart be opened to your Spirit to welcome new ideas, new visions, new persons, new ways that will make our communities more and more alive.

Looking Ahead

If it is true that the way things were done some 40, 30, 20, 10 years ago or less no longer suits the people of today, what conversion what to put aside, what to improve, or what to change that could connect with the younger generations) must be undertaken in our Faith and Sharing community concerning the following points:

  1. Fellowship?
  2. The Word of God?
  3. Our commitment:
    1. to the Faith and Sharing community during the meetings (animation team, support, help, ...)?
    2. towards the members of our community outside of the meetings?
    3. towards people who do not participate in our meetings or activities?
  4. The way we:
    1. celebrate?
    2. pray?

Your thoughts and comments

Fichier PDFLuce Beaulieu - May 2013

Fichier PDFCleveland - April 2013

Please send your thoughts and comments to Jean Roy (, who will add them on this web page. Thank you for taking the time to reflect on the future of Faith and Sharing.

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