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Message of February 9, 2018:

Claire Donovan

New English speaking coordinator

The North American Committee is pleased to announce that Claire Donovan of Vancouver Island has agreed to succeed Maggie Walsh as Faith and Sharing English Coordinator.

In this 50th anniversary year, Claire will communicate soon with each of the English speaking groups to see how each group plans to celebrate.

Thank you Claire for your "Yes"! May Jesus guide you and enlighten you.


Message of February 2, 2018:

50 years of Faith and Sharing

50th: Meeting in Brossard (Quebec)

Former participants of the Saint-Jean-Longueuil group will meet at Marie-Thérèse Rancourt home Friday evening, February 9, to pray and remember the beautiful moments experienced during their meetings. For example: a participant said that at her first visit, the theme was forgiveness; she was still impregnated with this grace.

Marie-Thérèse and her late husband Léo were active at Faith and Sharing, and in charge of their group in the diocese of Saint-Jean-Longueuil for several years, hosting a bi-weekly prayer evening and organizing retreats.

The North American Committee invites you to publicize your activities in connection with the 50th. They will be published on the web page:
Page of the 50th

Let us give thanks for all the blessings of these 50 years!


Message of December 8, 2017:

50 years of Faith and Sharing

50th Anniversary of Faith and Sharing:
first step "Suggestions"

In 2018, it will be 50 years since Jean Vanier animated the first Faith and Sharing retreat. This offers us a great opportunity to give thanks for all the fruits of these 50 years of retreats, meetings, fraternal communities.

The North American committee, composed of Isabelle Frappier, Marc Rioux and Maggie Walsh-Conrad, chose not to organize a big gathering; rather, to encourage local initiatives. They also asked Faith and Sharing participants to provide their suggestions. Already, good ideas have been received. A new web page on the Faith and Sharing website allows you to see them:
Page of the 50th

In order to co-ordinate these activities, I agreed to resume the French-North American coordinator service, a position that has been vacant for a year and a half.

I encourage you to go to the web page, and send me your suggestions and wishes to get involved. The steps of "Preparations" and "Achievements" will follow. People will surely feel the call to mark these 50 years in different ways.

Thank you for your participation, and thank you to Jesus for all the blessings received at Faith and Sharing!


Message of May 17, 2017:

General Assembly of the Faith and Sharing Federation

The 2017 annual General Assembly of the Faith and Sharing Federation will be held on June 16, in Orleans, Ontario (near Ottawa), at 5:30 pm.

To know the agenda: PDF File Agenda General Assembly 2017

Anyone who participates to Faith and Sharing activities is welcome. All may unite in prayer, for Faith and Sharing continues to serve its mission.


Frère Albert Villeneuve, S.C.

Message of December 17, 2016:

Death of Brother Albert Villeneuve, S.C.

Yesterday, December 16, Brother Albert Villeneuve, of the community of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, died at the age of 89 years.

For many years, Brother Albert was the main translator from French to English for the bulletin Heart-to-Heart. He had to stop this service last summer because of health problems.

He carried out his translation service diligently, and with great respect for the writings of the authors. Through this service, he helped to make known the work of God in our world.

Let us give thanks for all that he has brought to Faith and Sharing, and in all his life.
Notice of death (in French) : Fichier PDF Brother Albert Villeneuve, S.C..


Message of August 11, 2016:

Translator(s) asked

Brother Albert Villeneuve, s.c., made for many years the service of translating, from French to English, most of the texts of the Heart to Heart bulletin. Now, he said, "I ended my modest career in translation." Brother Albert, thank you for all the service done with diligence and competence!

We are looking for one or more persons who can do this translation service. This may be a person who knows Faith and Sharing, or not. Here are details of the service:

- Translate from French to English texts which will appear in the bulletin Heart-to-Heart.
- There are usually a dozen texts, ranging in length from half a page to two pages. Texts are sent by email, under my coordination.
- Most of the texts arrive in the days before the deadline, in mid-March and mid-September. We allow about 3 weeks making translations.
- Another person, now Pat Mueller, makes the service to review the English texts to correct the errors that inevitably creep despite all vigilance.
- In the past, others have generously agreed to "replace" the translator when he was not available. Thank you Isabelle, Mary, Maria, for the service rendered, sometimes called at the last minute, which removes performance pressure on the translator.

If you feel called to this service, or if you know someone who could do it, thank you to let me know.


P.S. This text was translated from French to English by me, with the help of "Google translation". Sorry for the mistakes...


Message of June 13, 2016:

North American French-speaking Retreat and General Assembly

The Faith and Sharing North American Retreat for French-speaking people will begin June 19th in Quebec City.

We did reserve 50 rooms at the retreat center (Centre de Spiritualité des Ursulines), we have exactly 50 registrations with lodging.

A few participants from the Quebec City region registered as "externs" and will attend for the full week or in part.

The Faith and Sharing Federation General Assembly will be held on the first day. Maggie Walsh, English-speaking coordinator, will attend the meeting.

We invite you to join us in prayer. Let us pray for all who participate to the retreat, so they have meaningful encounters with Jesus and with their brothers and sisters. Let us pray for those who would have like to come to the retreat, but cannot. Let us pray for our world that peace and love may grow.

The retreat organizing committee:
Jean Roy, Isabelle Frappier, Marc Rioux


Message of October 16, 2015:

October 2015 bulletin + 2016 French-speaking North American Retreat

Faith and Sharing bulletin "Heart-to-Heart" of October 2015 is now available. It may be found on the Faith and Sharing website:
PDF File October 2015 bulletin

The theme of the bulletin is: "Living community at Faith and Sharing, in order to be community in the world".

This bulletin announces the French-speaking North American Retreat of June 2016. There is currently a fundraising, in order to permit all who wish to participate at this retreat regardless of their financial situation.

On the web site, a new French section Retraite 2016 contains all information about this retreat.
Also, a Fichier PDF fundraising form is available in English, in section Documents.

We are all invited to pray for this retreat.


Message of July 22, 2015:

L'Arche Cleveland searching for new community leader/executive director

From June 18 to 21, Cleveland Faith and Sharing community held the annual retreat. Many people from L'Arche Cleveland and L'Arche Erie took part to this great meeting. Bob Kloos, the retreat coordinator, wrote:
"I think we created a lovely and worthy space for our guests, for their gifts, for what was planned, and for what was truly the spontaneous work of the Spirit."

To see a few pictures from the retreat: Cleveland 2015 retreat

Now, L'Arche Cleveland is currently in the process of searching for a new community leader/executive director. Maybe you know someone who can apply?
To see the job description: PDF File L'Arche Cleveland Director

Let's hope that L'Arche Cleveland will continue its mission with the best person for this task.


Message of June 15, 2015:

General Assembly of the Faith and Sharing Federation

Next Saturday, June 20, the General Assembly of the Faith and Sharing Federation will be held during the Cleveland local retreat.
To know the agenda: PDF File Agenda General Assembly 2015

The North American Committee of Faith and Sharing will participate in this Cleveland retreat, and will hold its two day annual meeting thereafter. Here are the members of this Committee, who work to create links between Faith and Sharing communities: The Committee is well aware that the meeting will gather mostly people from the community of Cleveland. However, all may unite in prayer, for Faith and Sharing continues to serve its mission to root the Word of God in our hearts.


Message of May 16, 2015:

Beginning of 2015 retreats

It is Sunday, May 17, that begins the first Faith and Sharing retreat of 2015, in Jacksonville, Florida. Web link:

To know all the 2015 retreats: PDF File Retreats 2015

Let us together pray for all these retreats, for animators, for persons in charge, for participants. May the Spirit be at work!

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