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Madeleine Séguin

Message of June 26, 2024:

Death of Madeleine Séguin

Our dear Madeleine died on June 25, at the age of 101.

For several years, she gave her time, her skills and her heart to Faith and Sharing. She was secretary of the North American committee, organized several retreats, took care of the North American bulletin, shared her enthusiasm and prayer for Faith and Sharing and its people.

As a tribute, some photos have been posted on the website: Photos of Madeleine.
They all come from Madeleine's photographic archives, except the last two.

May Madeleine rest in peace. Her love for Faith and Sharing extends into eternity, with Our Father.

Message of May 4, 2024:

50th anniversary of Vancouver Island
and North American Retreat

50th anniversary

50th anniversary of Vancouver Island community
Today is the meeting in Nanaimo to celebrate 50 years of Faith and Sharing on Vancouver Island.
For all these retreats, meetings, Words given and received, commitments of those responsible, loyalty of participants, friendships, blessings... Let us give thanks to God!

Beginning of the North American retreat
The Faith and Sharing North American retreat will begin on Monday, May 6, in Quebec City. It will take place in French only.
27 participants will gather to hear the Word of God and pray around the theme: "Who will make us see happiness?" (Ps 4).
The animator Louisette Pelletier prepared her talks based largely on the Bible.
Let us carry this retreat in our prayer, so that it bears fruit.

Message of August 25, 2023:

Faith and Sharing - General Assembly

1. General Assembly
The 2023 Annual General Assembly of the Faith and Sharing Federation will be held on Thursday, September 28, starting at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time = 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time = 8:00 p.m. Atlantic Time, by Zoom videoconference.
2. In French only
Considering that there have been few English-speaking participants in recent years, the North American committee has chosen that the 2023 assembly will be held in French. If English-speaking participants wish to bring questions, it will be possible; members of the North American committee will be able to translate. The committee aims for item 13 of the agenda, "fraternal sharing", to take up the majority of the time of the assembly, the administrative parts being quickly settled.
3. Documents
The Zoom link and the agenda (in French only) are available on the website. Some other administrative documents will be deposited there soon.
4. "C'est la vie"
The committee is aware that the absence of English at the meeting is a limitation. This is a reflection of the situation today, where there are only two active English-speaking Faith and Sharing groups. Our bonds of brotherhood are less tangible, but can remain in prayer.

United in Jesus,
Jean Roy
for the North American Committee of Faith and Sharing


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