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Heart-to-Heart Express - Messages of 2019

Message of November 1, 2019:

Pictures of the North American Retreat

The North American retreat brought together 39 participants from the Faith and Sharing communities of Canada and the United States last September.

You can see pictures of the event in the section "Archives": N.A. Retreat 2019

If participants want to add their photos, send them to: .

Memories of this beautiful meeting with Jesus and the members of the Faith and Sharing communities...

Group _________________

Message of September 6, 2019:

Beginning of the North American Retreat

This Sunday, September 8th, the North American retreat of Faith and Sharing will begin. It will bring together 38 people from the Faith and Sharing communities of Cleveland, Detroit, Vancouver Island, Jacksonville, Toronto, Yarmouth, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec city, Rouyn-Noranda, Sherbrooke, Valleyfield. There has not been such a bilingual retreat since 2013.

Retreat 2019

You are invited to pray for the spiritual success of this retreat, just as the retreatants will pray for the members and friends of Faith and Sharing. A prayer activity is suggested on the website:
N.A. Retreat 2019

The theme of the retreat is: "Meeting Jesus in community". Already, Jesus has called these participants to take a week of their time for this retreat. May Jesus brings peace and joy to the heart of each, and that it is reflected in each Faith and Sharing community.


Message of August 6, 2019:

General Assembly of the Faith and Sharing Federation

The 2019 annual General Assembly of the Faith and Sharing Federation will be held on September 8th, in Pickering, Ontario, at 9:30 pm, at the beginning of the North American retreat.
To know the agenda: PDF File Agenda General Assembly 2019

In the first part of the Assembly, sharing on "News from local communities" will take the greatest place. After the break, the more "administrative" points will be discussed for those interested. The meeting is open to anyone related with Faith and Sharing.

The registration deadline for North American retreat is Thursday, August 8th.


Message of June 11, 2019:

North American Retreat - registration, fundraising

26 people are already registered for the North American retreat next September. The North American committee had booked for 30 people, but Pickering's Manresa Retreat Center can offer more spaces.

Retreat 2019

Please register early
To assist in planning, the North American Committee and the Retreat Center would appreciate the registration as soon as possible. So, if you have chosen to come to the retreat, please do not wait to send your registration form to Isabelle Frappier.

Fundraising for the retreat is in progress. The cost of boarding and transportation may be too high for the financial capacity of some people. But lack of money should not be a barrier to go to the retreat. This fundraising is our form of solidarity to help those with less financial means. Many thanks to all those who have already made financial donation.

All documents about the retreat are on the website:
N.A. Retreat 2019

Thank you for your sharing and prayer for the success of this retreat.


Message of May 7, 2019:

Death of Jean Vanier

Jean Vanier

All the great Faith and Sharing community is in mourning.
Jean Vanier died last night.

See the message of L'Arche International:
Fichier PDF Death of Jean Vanier

Jean Vanier received the newsletter Heart-to-Heart. He was happy to know that retreats were taking place in our Faith and Sharing communities, and he prayed that they would bear fruit. He will continue to support us now that he is with Our Father.

Let us give thanks for his life.


Message of March 30, 2019:

North American Retreat - spreading the word

Some people are already registered for the North American retreat next September. There are still several places available.

An advertisement was sent to the Dioceses of Quebec, and it will be sent soon to the Dioceses of Ontario by the North American Committee. However, experience shows that it is often through personal invitations that people feel the call to participate in such an event.

Heart-to-Heart, April 2019

The mailing of the next Heart-to-Heart bulletin will include a retreat brochure, a registration form and a fundraising donation form. Subscribers will receive their bulletin around April 15th. This could be a good opportunity to talk about the retreat in your community or with those who might be interested in participating.

These documents are on the website, as well as a press release and a poster that can serve as advertising:
N.A. Retreat 2019

Thank you for your support and prayer for the success of this retreat.


Message of February 11, 2019:

North American Retreat - Registration starts

Registration is now open for the North American retreat this September.

It's a unique event that will bring together Faith and Sharing members from across America, both French and English, with translation.

Retreat 2013

We will be privileged to have Father Bill Clarke to give the Word.

The theme will be: "Meeting Jesus in community".

Registration form:
Fichier PDF Registration retreat 2019

For more information:
N.A. Retreat 2019

Let us pray for the success of this retreat.


Message of February 9, 2019:

Death of Louise P. Bergeron

Louise Perrin Bergeron, from Quebec city, passed away on February 5th.
Here is a message from Jean-Claude Lizotte, Coordinator of Faith and Sharing Quebec:

Louise Bergeron

Last Tuesday, our great friend Louise left us to go to her Lord.
She was our model to all because of her attachment to Faith and Sharing.
She was very involved in our community and left us as a legacy.
She was one of the founders who gave her life for almost fifty years.

She has worked with several communities of Faith and Sharing, Sherbrooke, Montreal, Jonquiere, Chicoutimi and many others in Quebec and outside Quebec as a member of the North American committee and publisher of the North American bulletin.

The saying she often repeated with conviction was:
"Faith and Sharing one day, Faith and Sharing always."

She was very close to the poor and destitute in Quebec City. She had no barrier to help them.

Today I give thanks to the Lord for putting Louise on my way.
I learned a lot from her and her example allowed me to live in a community where it is good to meet and share our faith.

May Louise be fully happy in the arms of the Lord.


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