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Heart-to-Heart Express - Messages of 2017

Message of December 8, 2017:

50 years of Faith and Sharing

50th Anniversary of Faith and Sharing:
first step "Suggestions"

In 2018, it will be 50 years since Jean Vanier animated the first Faith and Sharing retreat. This offers us a great opportunity to give thanks for all the fruits of these 50 years of retreats, meetings, fraternal communities.

The North American committee, composed of Isabelle Frappier, Marc Rioux and Maggie Walsh-Conrad, chose not to organize a big gathering; rather, to encourage local initiatives. They also asked Faith and Sharing participants to provide their suggestions. Already, good ideas have been received. A new web page on the Faith and Sharing website allows you to see them:
Page of the 50th

In order to co-ordinate these activities, I agreed to resume the French-North American coordinator service, a position that has been vacant for a year and a half.

I encourage you to go to the web page, and send me your suggestions and wishes to get involved. The steps of "Preparations" and "Achievements" will follow. People will surely feel the call to mark these 50 years in different ways.

Thank you for your participation, and thank you to Jesus for all the blessings received at Faith and Sharing!


Message of May 17, 2017:

General Assembly of the Faith and Sharing Federation

The 2017 annual General Assembly of the Faith and Sharing Federation will be held on June 16, in Orleans, Ontario (near Ottawa), at 5:30 pm.

To know the agenda: PDF File Agenda General Assembly 2017

Anyone who participates to Faith and Sharing activities is welcome. All may unite in prayer, for Faith and Sharing continues to serve its mission.

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