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Issue Theme PDF File
April 2024 The Faith and Sharing bulletin is 50 years old PDF File April 2024
October 2023 I hear you calling PDF File October 2023
April 2023 Bless the Lord, O my soul PDF File April 2023
October 2022 Putting "The Word" into practice PDF File October 2022
April 2022 Forgiveness PDF File April 2022
October 2021 The tenderness of God PDF File October 2021
April 2021 I am with you always PDF File April 2021
October 2020 Jesus heals! PDF File October 2020
April 2020 Be not afraid PDF File April 2020
October 2019 My prayer to Jesus PDF File October 2019
April 2019 Blessed are the poor PDF File April 2019
October 2018 On the occasion of the 50th anniversary:
The fruits of Faith and Sharing
PDF File October 2018
April 2018 On the occasion of the 50th anniversary:
The beginnings of Faith and Sharing in my region/community
Each article separately: Texts - April 2018
PDF File April 2018
October 2017 That they all may be one (John 17:21) PDF File October 2017
April 2017 How the Holy Spirit blows on Faith and Sharing? PDF File April 2017
October 2016 Our retreats from last summer PDF File October 2016
April 2016 He who believes in me will still live, even if he dies
(John 11:25)
PDF File April 2016
October 2015 Living community at Faith and Sharing, in order to be community in the world PDF File October 2015
April 2015 The Holy Trinity - Father and Son and Holy Spirit PDF File April 2015
October 2014 One hand in the hand of Jesus, one hand in the hand of the poor PDF File October 2014
April 2014 Jesus' Small Gestures PDF File April 2014
October 2013 I need you PDF File October 2013
April 2013 The Eucharist, a gift from God for life PDF File April 2013
October 2012 Make Me a Channel of your Peace PDF File October 2012
April 2012 Jean Vanier and me PDF File April 2012
October 2011 Welcoming the Stranger PDF File October 2011
April 2011 Celebrate the Lord PDF File April 2011
October 2010 Where do you find Hope
in Faith and Sharing?
PDF File October 2010
April 2010 Small Group Sharing PDF File April 2010
October 2009 Washing of feet PDF File October 2009
April 2009 The Treasure of the Word PDF File April 2009
October 2008 Holiness, our call PDF File October 2008
April 2008 The Katimavik Experience PDF File April 2008

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